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Managing Your Cloud Application and Infrastructure Deployments in One CI/CD Pipeline

A talk by Nenne Adaora (Adora) Nwodo
Software Engineer, Microsoft

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About this talk

Infrastructure automation is the process of managing and provisioning computer resources through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools.

In recent times, we have seen infrastructure automation play a very important role in building and shipping world class applications fast. We have seen how tools like Docker, Ansible, Puppet & Terraform can be used to automate infrastructure deployments.

In this session, I would talk about the concept of Infrastructure as code (IaC) and how I’m able to treat my infrastructure deployment code the same way I treat my source code by being able to test, version and gracefully rollback my infrastructure deployment code.

Are you a Software Engineer looking to create infrastructure for your applications without prior DevOps knowledge or are you a DevOps or Infrastructure Engineer looking to try something new and straightforward when it comes to infrastructure automation? If you are, then this session is for you!

This talk would be focused on Pulumi: An IaC tool that allows me provision infrastructure using familiar programming languages. This means that for me to automate my infrastructure, I can do it in a language I am already very comfortable with. I would also share how I am able to manage my infrastructure and source code deployments for an Azure functions application in one CI/CD pipeline using Typescript and Pulumi tasks in the pipeline.

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